Pantheon Technical Writing
As an information technology consulting firm founded in 2008, Pantheon Technical Writing is committed to excellent customer service in business analysis and technical documentation
writing.  The word "pantheon" is Greek and essentially means "place of excellence" or "hall of fame."  This is for what we are striving - to be a trusted, respected source of knowledge,
experience, hard work and excellence for our clients.

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"Excellent customer writing!"
Matt Dillon, Owner/Principal Consultant
Matt Dillon is the Owner and a Principal Consultant of Pantheon Technical Writing LLC, a firm specializing in business analysis and technical
writing for technology organizations.

Matt is a former full-time Business Analyst, Technical Writer and Project Manager for software providers and information technology (IT)
departments of other companies across multiple industries.  He has prepared requirements, specifications, case studies, white papers,
software help and other technical documents that have been lauded by clients for their precision, creativity and readability.  Matt’s clients
have included Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and ING Direct.

He is a member of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chapters of the Association of Information Technology Professionals and the Society for
Technical Communication.  Matt received a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor’s degree
from Villanova University.

Matt is a former youth baseball coach whose toughest assignment of late has been teaching his son how to throw a circle change-up
pitch for a strike without breaking too many windows along the way.